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    When used well, tech is a tool for doing amazing things in the world.

    So How Does Pinwheel Work?

    Builds Healthy Habits

    Kids love doing well, but sometimes its hard! Checklist routines allow kids to earn points or allowance for staying on task which can unlock more screentime. 

    Teaches Money

    Teaches kids about money management through their first digital wallet. Helps them split their money into wants, needs and give so they start to learn budgeting, saving and investing.

    Promotes Well-Being

    Completely unique to Pinwheel, the phone has parent-controlled modes to match a kids' everyday life. Modes change for times like mornings, school, activities and bedtime.

    Authentic Connections

    No social media. Parental consent is required to add contacts for texting or calling. Different times of day have different approved lists through Pinwheel's Modes.

    Allows Free Rangers

    Promotes independence by providing GPS tracking on the caregiver portal tools. Free range explorers, with a safety net :)


    Push-to-talk app allows easy and authenticate inner-family communication and promotes independent and safe free-range kids.

    Screen Time Management

    Schedule locked time, academic time, music time, fitness time or make up your own! Lock with one-touch from your phone in real-time whenever needed.

    None of the bad stuff, only #GoodTech

    Let Kids Be Kids!

    Social Media

    Therapists advise against social media before the age of 16, and even then to carefully monitor your kids usage. For their first phone, no social media at all.

    Confusing Setup

    Adults love our purpose-built kids mobile OS and associated caregiver tools, which they access from their own phone or computer, because it all just WORKS out-of-the-box! 

    Open Browser

    Let kids be kids, open browsers are not needed on their first phone. 

    Addictive Games

    We can have fun without addiction and mind-numbing games.  Besides, there are other devices besides their phone for this.

    YouTube Kids

    "Kid appropriate" is not our bar at Pinwheel. Well-being is our bar. A phone is a special device in our lives because it's our constant companion. Let's keep YouTube Kids on the TV or tablet. 


    Let kids be kids. They will inevitably be advertised to everywhere else in their lives, but at least not on their phone.

    In-App Purchases

    Only clean software is allowed on Pinwheel with clear payment terms explained to you upfront. The app store resides on the parents tools, never the Pinwheel phone.

    Curated Kids Software

    Pinwheel's therapist-council has hand-selected the best kid apps, making your life easy. If it's on Pinwheel, it supports well-being.